Projects 2009 to 2013

Each Network project is listed below along with the CMD objective(s) that it supports. It should be noted that projects may support more than one objective.

Objective 1
To provide innovative conceptual models of changing consumer behaviour as a basis for future empirical and policy analysis

Objective 2
To provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of factors critical to consumer food choices, on an ongoing basis and validated through the application of a number of consumer choice modeling tools.

Objective 3
In the context of applicable social, health and environmental policy objectives, to provide recommendations on optimal regulatory or incentive mechanisms, based on conceptual and empirical research findings.

PROJECTS FROM 2009 to 2013

Project # Objective Project Title Researchers
1 2 3
533   Teens, Food Choice and Health: How Health Promotion Messages Can Be Framed to Influence Food Consumption Decisions of Teenagers Kelleen Wiseman
534 Canadian Demand for Fluid Milk: An Almost Ideal Demand System Jing Zhang
535   Survey Data Collection on Consumer Meat Preferences: Adding a US Sample to Canadian and Japanese Data Leigh Maynard
536     A Look Behind the Curtain of Best Practice Value Chain Development: The Example of Meat Standards Australia Sven Anders
537   Teens, Food Choice and Health: How health promotion messages can be framed to influence food consumption decisions of teenagers in order to encourage better health behavior Part 1 Kelleen Wiseman
538   The Consumption and Distributional Effects of Nutrient-Based Tax and Subsidy Schemes Tirtha Dhar
539     Social perceptions and acceptability of biopesticide use in agriculture:  Qualitative focus groups with Quebec citizens and agricultural producers Gale West
540   A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Traceability in the Ontario Livestock Sector Jared Carlberg
541     Canadian consumers’ food risk perceptions: the case of credence attributes in beef burgers Bodo Steiner
542   Identify market segments in the demand for specialty eggs using consumer attitudinal data: A latent class model versus a clustering approach Jing Zhang
543     Consumer preferences, retailer profits, and the demand for genetically modified foods Henry An
544     Investigating Changes in Canadian Consumers’ Food Safety Concerns, 2003, 2005 and 2009 Michele Veeman
545   Niche Marketing in Agriculture Ron Cuthbert
546     Business cycle, consumer sentiment and food consumption behavior away from home Tirtha Dhar
548   Consumers’ food choice regarding environmentally sustainable attributes: Comparing Canadian and German perception, attitudes, values, preferences and willingness to pay for carbon and water footprints Carola Grebitus
549     The Impact of Animal Welfare Regulations on Consumer Demand and Welfare Timothy Richards
550     Advertising of fruits and vegetables: Understanding the effects of commodity-specific and broad-based promotion programs using experimental economics Brad Rickard
551   Overall Nutritional Quality Index as the basis for public policy Stephen Clark
552     Willingness-to-Pay for Value-Added Canadian Beef Among US Consumers Leigh Maynard
553     The Chicken Wears No Skin: Ordering Effects in Elicitation of Willingness to Pay for Multiple Credence Attributes in Ethical and Novel Food Products John Cranfield
554     Exploring consumer trust in food safety and food quality attributes: The role of public standards, private standards and brand reputation Jill Hobbs