Research in consumer and market demand is analyzed both ex ante and ex post in order that policy makers are informed about their abilities to achieve social objectives. Ex post analysis can provide details about what triggered changes in consumer behaviour leading to optimal regulatory and incentive design. Ex ante analysis can provide some clear indications of what initiatives might provide significant payoffs.

Research Projects are granted through the following process:

1. A request for proposals is disseminated on an annual basis to undertake research in one of two major areas–Theory/Methods and Empirical Analysis of Canadian Food Demand Issues.

2. Proposals are reviewed by a panel of academic peers (composed of Network Leader, three academic experts), ranked and assessed.

3. Funding is allocated to projects to fund graduate students, research assistants, and to fund data and travel.

Each research project undertaken by the Network supports one or more CMD objective. The objectives are:

Objective 1
To provide innovative conceptual models of changing consumer behaviour as a basis for future empirical and policy analysis.

Objective 2
To provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of factors critical to consumer food choices on an ongoing basis and validated through the application of a number of consumer choice modeling tools.

Objective 3
To provide recommendations on optimal regulatory or incentive mechanisms in the context of applicable social, health and environmental policy objectives, based on conceptual and empirical research findings.

  • Call for Proposals March 2006
  • Call for Proposals May 2005
  • Call for Proposals November 2009
  • Funding Application Funding Application Graduate Student 2009