Network Working Papers

CMD 10-01 Household Demand for Convenience Chicken Meat Products in Canada. Lingling Yu and Getu Hailu. January 2010. (CMD Project 529)

CMD 09-01 Canadian Consumers’ Assessments of Potential Risks and Benefits of Plant Molecular Farming and Potential Food Industry Implications. Michele Veeman and Vic Adamowicz. January 2009. (CMD Project 523)

CMD 08-08 Latent Consideration Sets in Egg Demand. Vic Adamowicz and Tatiana Gubanova. July 2008. (CMD Project 517)

CMD 08-07 An Investigation of the Marketing of Butterfat by the Canadian Dairy Industry. J. Stephen Clark, Bettina Brown, Diane Dunlop, Jinbin Yang, and Petr Prochazka. July 2008. (CMD project 530)

CMD 08-06 An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Fat Taxes: Prices Effects, Food Stigma, and Information Effects on Economics Instruments to Improve Dietary Health. Sean B. Cash (PI), with Ryan Lacanilao. July 2008 (CMD Project 522)

CMD 08-05 Farm Animal Welfare and Quality Verification. Adrian Uzea and Jill E. Hobbs. July 2008. (CMD 531)

CMD 08-04 The Transmission of Price Trends from Consumers to Producers and Tests of Market Power. Driss Lkassbi, Gale E. West and J. Stephen Clark. January 2008. (CMD Project 513)

CMD 08-03 Modelling Reference-Dependent and Labelling Effects in Consumers’ Functional Food Choices. Ning Ning (Helen) Zou and Jill E. Hobbs. January 2008. (CMD Project 519)

CMD 08-02 Risk Ranking: Investigating Expert and Public Differences in Evaluating Food Safety Risks. Kevin D. Webster, Cindy G. Jardine, Lynn McMullen and Sean B. Cash. January 2008. (CMD Project 518)

CMD 08-01 Strategic planning – Niche marketing in the agriculture industry. January 2008. Ronald H. Cuthbert. (CMD Project 510)

CMD 07-10 Beef labeling after BSE: Do consumers care about BSE testing and GMO labeling? Evidence from Canada and the US. Bodo Steiner and Jun Yang. December 2007. (CMD Project 503) .

CMD 07-09 Fat taxes and health outcomes: An investigation of economic factors influencing obesity in Canada. Sean Cash, Ellen Goddard, Ryan Lacanilao. December 2007. (CMD Project 514).

CMD 07-08 Factors influencing the body mass index of adults in Canada. John Cranfield. December 2007. (CMD Project 505)

CMD 07-07 The effects of relative price and health information on derived demand for sweeteners in the U.S. Food Processing Industry. Getu Hailu, Rawlin Thangaraj and John Cranfield. December 2007. (CMD Project 512).

CMD 07-06 The scope of the unit value problem. Timothy K.M. Beatty. December 2007. (CMD Project 507)

CMD 07-05 Consumer reaction to health messages about fish consumption. Leigh Maynard, Sayed Saghaian and Megan Nickoloff. November 2007. (CMD Project 526)

CMD 07-04 Canadian Consumer Attitudes and Purchasing Behaviour of Omega-3 Products. Darren Chase, Tomas Nilsson, John Paul Emunu, Diane McCann-Hiltz and Yanning Peng. September 2007. (CMD Project 521)

CMD 07-03 Promotion and fast food demand: Where’s the beef? Timothy J. Richards and Luis Padilla. May 2007. (CMD Project 520)

CMD 07-02 Investigating changes in Canadian consumers’ food safety concerns, 2003 and 2005. Michele Veeman and Yu Li. April 2007. (CMD Project 506)

CMD 07-01 The role of sensory experiences and information on the willingness to pay for organic wheat bread. Peter Boxall, Sean Cash, Wendy V. Wismer, Vijay Muralidharan and Lisa E. Annett. April 2007. (CMD Project 504)

CMD 06-02 Modelling functional food choice and health care impacts: A literature review. Ning Ning (Helen) Zou and Jill E. Hobbs. November 2006. (CMD Project 515)

CMD 06-01 Canadian consumers’ preferences for food safety and agricultural environment safety. Michele Veeman and Yu Li. February 2006. (CMD Project 502)