Projects 2004 to 2009

Each Network project is listed below along with the CMD objective(s) that it supports. It should be noted that projects may support more than one objective.

Objective 1
To provide innovative conceptual models of changing consumer behaviour as a basis for future empirical and policy analysis

Objective 2
To provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of factors critical to consumer food choices, on an ongoing basis and validated through the application of a number of consumer choice modeling tools.

Objective 3
In the context of applicable social, health and environmental policy objectives, to provide recommendations on optimal regulatory or incentive mechanisms, based on conceptual and empirical research findings.

PROJECTS FROM 2004 to 2009

Project # Objective Project Title Researchers
1 2 3
500 The Linkages between Canadian Agricultural Policy and Demand for Food Products: Cases Meat and Fats and Oils Ellen Goddard
501 Determinants of consumer intentions to purchase specific types of functional foods rich in omega-3 or lycopene Gale West
502 Investigating Canadian Consumers’ Ratings of Concern for Issues of Food and Environmental Safety Associated with Agriculture: Initial Analysis Michele Veeman
503 Assessing the consumer acceptance and market potential of alternative meats Bodo Steiner
504 Economic and Sensory Assessments of Taste and Credence Attributes of Canadian Organic Wheat Breads Peter Boxall
505 Estimating the Distribution of the Body Mass Index John Cranfield
506 Investigating Changes in Canadian Consumers’ Food Safety Concerns, 2003 and 2005 Michele Veeman
507 Inverse Demand Systems and the Unit Value Problem: An approach to understanding consumer heterogeneity Timothy Beatty
508 The Value of ‘Local’ – Consumer Demand for Locally-Produced’ Food Products in Canada Spencer Henson
509 The Meaning of ‘Organic’ – Unravelling Consumer Perceptions of Organic Methods of Production Spencer Henson
510 Strategic Planning – Niche Marketing in the Agricultural Industry Ronald Cuthbert
511 Consumer Welfare, Firm Behavior and Supply Management Policies in the Chicken Industry Tomas Nilsson
512 Neglected Products in Food Demand Analysis in Canada: The Case of Sweeteners Getu Hailu
513 The Transmission of Price Trends from Consumers to Producers Gale West
514 Fat Taxes and Health Outcomes: An Investigation of the Effects of Food Price Interventions on Canadian Health and Wellness Sean Cash
515 Modelling Functional Food Choice and Health Care Impacts: A Conceptual Analysis Jill Hobbs
517 Latent Consideration Sets in Egg Demand Vic Adamowicz
518 An Application of a Formal Risk Ranking Model in Determining Priorities for Food Safety Policy Cindy Jardine
519 Modelling Consumer Choices for Health Traits in Functional Food Under Different Information Environments Jill Hobbs
520 A Spatial Model of Demand and Competition in the Canadian Fast Food Industry Timothy Richards
521 Canadian Consumer Attitudes and Purchasing Behaviours of Omega-3 Products Yanning Peng
522 An experimental investigation of the impact of fat taxes: Price effects, food stigma, and information effects on economic instruments to improve dietary health Sean Cash
523 Canadian consumers’ assessments of potential risks and benefits of plant molecular farming and potential food industry implications Michele Veeman
524 Willingness to pay for functional foods: An experimental approach Maurice Doyon
525 Convenience – the root of all evil? Andreas Boecker
526 Consumer reaction to health messages about fish consumption Leigh Maynard
527 Demand for value-added meat products by individual households Tomas Nilsson
528 A hedonic model of beef product prices: Implications for willingness-to-pay for quality and convenience John Cranfield
529 Modeling and segmenting consumer preference for differentiated chicken meat Getu Hailu
530 An investigation of the marketing of dairy fat by the Canadian Dairy Industry Stephen Clark
531 The role of quality verification in the Canadian agri-food sector Jill Hobbs
532 Applied Analysis of Consumer Behaviour in Restaurants Leigh Maynard